Monday, July 19, 2010

Mi Vida Loca

   Well there is a ton to say but I don't know how much I will actually remember to put into words. Work has been mostly good to me lately. Almost the entire month of July I was working full time hours (40 hours/week) which  was great, for my sanity and for my paycheck. The only tricky part was that I am still an "on-call" employee and so I was working whatever shifts needed covered so one day I was there on a morning shift and the next it was the afternoon. Sometimes it was a graveyard shift or a late shift followed by a morning shift. Its hard when you have no stability/regularity in the days and times but like I said the paychecks were nice for paying bills.
The only kicker was I was also scheduled every weekend, Sat and Sun. I told them in my interview I would prefer Sundays off. I told them that I do understand it is a hospital and a 24/7 operation so I know once in awhile I would need to and they said ok. But now I am regularly getting scheduled. They had told me I would be scheduled for one weekend in the month sof June, so I was ok with that. But then I got a printed schedule and it was every weekend! But then not only was it every weekend I was scheduled to work from 6:30am until 3pm. WHich unfortunately goes right through church time for my ward and every other ward in the area! So I told them that I can't do every weekend. That if I missed 4 weeks of church I would go crazy and not only that but I have responsibilities at church and need to be there. So they told me I could check with the afternoon girl and see if she would trade me. But then because the afternoon shift is 3p-11:30 it meant I would have to change Sat and Sun because they couldn't work until 11:30 p and be back at 6:30am. There has to be 8 hours between shifts. SO I had to trade both days in order to go to church. It was ok with me. But then I missed the wedding receptions of several friends. In fact since I began working at the end of April I have missed every wedding I was invited to! There have been 5 so far! (two more coming up... I know I can attend one, not sure on the other yet)
   SO then so far in July I had the 4th off but I am thinking maybe that was because of Holiday pay? Then I worked the graveyard shift on Sat the 10th and so I had Sun the 11th off. But last night I was back at work! this time I started at 5pm. She asked if that would be better than the 3 and I said well ideally I'd like to not work at all or if its absolutely necessary give me the graveyard shift so I don't start until 10pm and can enjoy church and any activities. But nope 5pm it is... which means as i finish church at 4:15 I have to book it out the door and straight to Ventura. I was 5 min late yesterday! Oh well I told her I might be! Its the same for next weekend and I did a sneak peek at the Aug schedule and I am working every weekend! Thats it~not even any shifts during the week...unless some get added by front admitting! I have been talking with some of my coworkers and they've told me that everybody works every other weekend that unfortunately in order to keep everyone happy that is the way it goes. So ok... why am I getting EVERY weekend than? Especially when I told them in my interview and since I've been working I want Sunday's off? UGH! Like I said I even told them I don't mind the graveyard shift on Sat and SUn if I have to if it means I get the day off on Sun but I keep getting scheduled! So then not only that but I still don't get any benefits either because I am an "on-call" employee! I really hope another full time job with benefits comes along soon! If I am lucky that one will be Sunday free! I really do love it at CMH but not if they are going to force me to either miss church (or part of it like last month, I went to another ward then hurried over to work kinda like now) and I am not getting any benefits. I really need the stability with my schedule, the days/hours and shifts. I don't mind the all over the place once in awhile but when its constant and I cannot have any kind of regular sleep schedule I was getting pretty worn out. Espcially when you factor in my 38mile commute each way!

Ok well enoug on my venting for that! I have something else I want to write about but I decided to post it in its own post!

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