Thursday, December 10, 2009

Growing up through service

I had a learning and growing experience this week. Well it kind of started last week. I was asked last week on Mon about getting some pizzas and drinks to take to a church for the PADS program. What they do is give a shelter for the homeless for the night during the cold season ( they start in Oct/Nov sometime, and end in like Mar or April I think they said) so each night they have a different sleep site and there are several local churches involved who are there to supervise and so forth. We do Tues nights and my ward had the assignment for some food and brothers to sleep over for last week and this week. So last week I brought the 2 gallons of milk, one gallon of OJ and one gallon of Apple Juice (they wanted fruit punch but that's what they had at Costco) as well as 6 pizzas. I was only required to drop off the food but I stayed to help serve for awhile. I was mingling with some of the homeless as well as the guys from my ward who were there to sleep over. I left around 9:15. While I was there, I met a lady who ate a lot, but said she didn't want to go outside to eat (like they request from sanitary, space, and cleanliness reasons) because it was cold outside. I noticed she didn't really have anything. She had on some clothes and a jacket but that was about it. I also noticed her hair was completely matted in the back. She was wearing flip flops and definitely could use a pedicure as well. I felt bad for her. Several of the other people who were staying had drove in. Or they had brought blankets, maybe a sleeping bag etc or they at least seemed to have something of their own.
So this week again on Tues we needed to provide some food and the drinks. I had the 2nd gallon of OJ and AJ from last week. I bought some Ragu spaghetti sauce and penne pasta from Sam's Club and got some more milk and rolls. I cooked it up to bring it back. I also put together a small bag for Margaret (I learned her name this week) I had two brand new beanies at home, I went to the 99Cent store and got a new hairbrush some gloves and a package of hair ties. I wanted to buy some sort of hair detangler and they didn't have any and since I am on a limited budget I couldn't afford to get it elsewhere. So this week I brought them to Margaret. I met her outside as she was walking in, I offered her the bag and she didn't really take it but asked me to bring it inside for her. So I set it on a counter and told her where it was. I stayed and helped serve again and talked to a few people again. It was nice to help others.
So then as I was leaving I said goodnight to Margaret and she asked me to come outside with her for a minute. She told me thanks for the stuff and was asking me about which church I go to and what we believe. I felt like I couldn't really answer her properly. I felt so lame, I think maybe it was because her question was so vague on what we believe and there is so much about it. I told her we are Christian and that we believe Christ died for us and is my Savior. I didn't really go much beyond that. I felt so stupid I don't really know why I didn't say more but I couldn't seem to think of anything to say. So than she also asked me if I knew any Christian beauticians who could help her work through her hair and get it styled better. I told her I couldn't think of anybody off the top of my head. I told her I would ask around and see if I could find anyone who can help her, and if I could I would come back next week (it's not my ward night but I can still go) and let her know. I told her goodnight and reminded her I brought her some warm stuff and told her to get back inside since it was so cold out. I left. I left with a heavier heart than last week. I really want to help her and she really wants some help but I don't know how. I know a few people I need to ask but I think she'll need to go to a salon of some sort and the people I know do hair and stuff but they don't all have a place to work. I really hope I can help fond someone to help her. I wanted to offer to stay and try and work through her hair that night and maybe french braid it or something but I didn't want to hurt her and I know it will take some time. I am going to see what I can do to help Margaret out! She needs it. I know she would feel so much better if she has some help and if she's willing to cut her hair shorter it'll be easier for her to maintain and I know that will be one less burden for her!
I hope that all the people I met at the shelter in the last two visits there will be blessed. That they may be able to find a place to stay and maybe some employment and gain a sense of self back. They are such amazing people who deserve all they can get. One guy last week mentioned if his kids were with him that they'd wash my car for me because it needed it! They all helped set up the pads for sleeping on. I noticed they offered extra stuff to some of the others who maybe needed it. Even though they don't have much they still want to help others. That's how I feel! It's why i would love to serve with Home Makeover! I still haven't heard back from them. I really hope I do get to go! It would be great. I have thought maybe I should've been more enthusiastic in my video. Maybe I should've mentioned my previous service stuff in my answers. I've worked with and walked in March of Dimes, MS walk, Breast Cancer Walk and other things. I had a dream last week (actually a couple different dreams all leading to the same ending) where I was working with Home Makeover.... I really hope those dreams come true. Maybe not in the way it was in the dream but to where I get the end result of getting on the bus and serving!

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  1. You are so nice. That is totally awesome. I hope you can help her!