Friday, November 20, 2009

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

I must say I absolutely LOVE this show! I can usually be found every Sun watching it, and if I am not watching it, it is being recorded so I can watch it later! Most of the seasons in the past I have thought to myself while watching that I would love to email the show sometime and offer to come for the week and volunteer if they were in CA or somewhere nearby that I could go to. Well this season they are all about people "getting on the bus" and volunteering!!! You can actually apply to go for the week and help volunteer building the house! They provide the travel and lodging and even the meals. So today was the deadline for applying and last night I finally got my application submitted! I really hope they choose me! I put down that I am available for all the weeks that they have left so that hopefully they'll choose me for at least one week! I decided to share my kinda corny answers here for you to read!

The application was really basic... they wanted to know 2 questions, they wanted 2 pictures one that is mostly head and shoulders, and one full body picture. Then it was optional that you can submit a video clip up to 90 seconds long. The answers had to be in 255 characters or less also making it even more tricky! This is my application:

Q: "Why should we pick you to get on the bus?"
A: Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, today is a gift so we call it the present. I know the greatest gift I can give is MY TIME to help a family in need and am ready to give it MY ALL. I'm used to long hours and physical labor. I'm ready to serve.
Q:"Describe your personality, and any special skills or talents you have"
A: Hard working, service oriented. Cheerful and energetic. Disneyland, karaoke. I have fixed or installed flooring, faucets, cooktops, toilets, swingsets. I've used most power tools. I can cook, sew and am an EMT. Honest, faithful and ready to learn and work.

-->than they wanted to know my occupation so obviously I put Emergency Medical Technician.
The pictures I submitted are these:

I just now realized after adding the pictures here that I did the wrong one of the full body. The one I wanted was this one:

But it's too late to change it now. It's still a cute one! I just liked that it's a picture of me and it shows my fun personality and that I am ready to work! :)

So here is my video I submitted as well. It may be kind of cheesy as well but I really didn't know what to say but I wanted them to know I really am interested in giving of myself.

So that is my complete application. Well other than my phone numbers, clicking to agree to the terms and conditions and checking the boxes of the dates I am available. Which they said are subject to change. These are the dates as currently set:

Dec 2nd-11th

Dec 6th-16th

Jan 7th-17th

Jan 11th-21st

Jan 27th-Feb 6th

Jan 31st-Feb 10th

It says in the FAQ area that if you are not chosen they will not notify you. So I am hoping to get a phone call eventually for one of the weeks. I have no idea how soon in advance they notify you. I would guess it'd be with enough time to get off work if needed. I also have no idea where I could potentially be sent if I am chosen. I really really really really hope I am! I would love to go do this! I would also love to meet the crew and this season they are also having a celebrity guest every week as well that I could potentially meet! It's incredible! I can't wait!

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  1. They won't tell you if you don't make it? How rude! I hope you get to do that. I think you'd really enjoy it.

    None of that was cheesy. It was sincere. Sad to hear you are at a low point in your life... hopefully it will get a little higher next week when I get to see you!