Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why Goodbye

This is from awhile ago... it's a poem I wrote back before I had a blog. I know it's not an update on my life, i know it's not pictures from my birthday or anything else but I was looking at some of my old poems tonight and I felt like sharing this! I have several people in my life who have left and it could apply to. I do know who I wrote it "for" in a sense but I am not going to share because like I said it can apply to many. It's funny how our emotions that are shared in artistic ways like poetry can be that way (at least for me) I constantly go back to one of the few poems I've written because something happens in life that reminds me of that time and the words re-apply!...well here it is:

Why Goodbye?Why does this happen?
Why must it be?
Why do I feel this way?
Why can’t I see?

I know there’s a lesson,
That I need to learn.
Who’ll teach me the lesson?
When’s it my turn?

I thought I was ready.
Prepared to say goodbye.
But I wasn’t ready,
There’s a tear in my eye.

Why does this happen?
Always to me,
Why can’t I learn?
To let things be?

Why do I hurt?
Why do I cry?Why not hello?
Why always goodbye?

Now that you’re gone,
I feel so alone.
You gave me strength,
I don’t have on my own.

I know you’ll be back.
Or I’ll come to you.
This goodbye won’t last.
We’ll make that untrue.

You said it’s not goodbye.
But rather “see you later”
Then you moved away,
My pain became greater.

Now you’re far away.
I’m still here.
Wishing to see you,
Wanting to be there.

When is the time?
When goodbye is finally over,
When will we meet?
And hug shoulder to shoulder.

I don’t like goodbye.
Or see you later.
I wish it was hello.
My happiness would be greater.

That time will come.
To see you again.
I know I will smile,
A big goofy grin.

I know there’s a time.
I know there’s a place.
I know there’s a moment.
We’ll share an embrace.

We can be happy again.
When we meet somewhere,
We’ll create more memories.
We’ll go here and there.

We’ve always had fun,
We’ll have it again.
We’ve always been close.
You’re my best friend.

See you later it is.
See you soon somehow.
See you in awhile.
Wish I could see you now.

I thought I was ready,
Prepared to say goodbye.
I’ll always be ready,
For the time again to say HI!

Miss You lots!


  1. Phew! Glad it's not me. I moved in August of 2009, not February. :o)

  2. Hey, so, I don't like saying goodbye. One of my dear friends once taught me to instead of saying Goodbye, start learning to say, See ya later. Because goodbye's are one of the hardest things to say. And, I cannot agree any more. When and if, i have to say goodbye from visiting friends and family, its soo hard. So, I try not to say it. Love ya! And miss ya, amiga! Your soo awesome! Thanks for always being such a GrEaT friend to me, my best friend!