Monday, September 19, 2016

The Friendship Tree

What once was so small
before something grew,
the seed became so tall
everything was still so new.
A little water and then to wait,
to see what you would bloom.
For a time, not knowing its fate
Hoping the sun would outlast the gloom.
What once was a tiny seed,
with nourishment did grow.
Whatever it did need
you began to learn and know
Once it started to take root
and turned into a tree
You waited for the fruit
that would be so delicious unto thee.
You still don't know the season,
Or how long the fruit will last.
You want to keep it growing
but it scares you so
Something about not knowing
makes you want to go.
The tree has grown so beautiful
It's spread its leaves so wide
You wonder if you can keep it full
and nourished from inside.
You realize the tree is teaching you
how to stand your ground
So the winds won't topple you,
and you want to stick around.
You want to keep it growing,
keep watering that tree
You start to feel you're also growing
the tree was also watering thee.
Now you've grown together,
and formed a special bond.
You can storm any weather,
and keep trudging on.
The tree will hold a special place,
deep within your heart.
It's put a smile on your face,
you hope will never part. 

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