Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Poem for a friend

So for Christmas I decided I wanted to do something a little more personal for a friend of mine for their gift. I didn't want to post it until I was able to share it with that particular person. Now that they've had a chance to see it I am going to post it. There are some people who read my blog who will know who it went to. Others I am sorry but I am not disclosing that information. I will let you all know that they really enjoyed it!

I don't know where to start
I want to share what’s in my heart

Our friendship started when we were young
It didn’t take long and I was sprung
It went slow until our senior year
Than things really grew from there
I don’t know what drew me in
How it happened, or exactly when
I don’t recall the words we said,
But I’m thankful for the roads we’ve tread
For a true friend in you I’ve found
Never a dull moment when you’re around
Some think friendships are hard
So they fight and put up a guard
With you it’s easy to be myself
I don’t have to hide feelings on a shelf
These 22 years have flown on by
Comes so easy without having to try
I love that you’re always there for me
You’re the kind of friend I hope to be
You inspire me to be my best
Help me overcome any life test
I’m lucky to call you my best friend
I hope that never comes to an end
It’s amazing how things work out
When we learn what it’s all about
The moment when it all comes true
A friend who’s there through and through
It’s a blessing I am thankful for
I could never ask for anything more
You’re supportive, loving and kind
Uplifting to my spirit, heart and mind
Truly an angel in disguise
          Your friendship is my ultimate prize
          Thank you for being who you are
          Strong and simply wondrous by far
          I can never find the right words to say
Showing how you light the way
In every smile you start a spark
That can illuminate the very dark
Thank you for the joy you bring
Friendship, love and everything
This poem was only a start
Sharing the words straight from my heart
Our friendship started when we were young
When we’re old, I’ll still be sprung.

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