Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Journey

So someone I know was recently preparing for weight loss surgery (they have since had the operation and so far are doing ok, not quite 2 weeks post op) and prior to their surgery they and I have been talking a lot. We actually talk a lot anyway. We're close. I love this person a lot. I don't want to put them on the spot here but they know who they are, and anyone who is close know who they are as well. They also know that this person had the procedure so I don't need to call them out on my blog. Unless they ok it. Anyway this person and I would share recipes that we like. They would have me over for dinner and vice versa. Especially when trying new recipes or making healthier options. As I am on my own weight loss journey we share info! Thye had asked me if I had considered the surgery months ago and since I was having so much success I opted to continue on my own path. As it turns out my Dr has told me how proud he was of my progress on my own and has encouraged me to continue without surgery as long as I can. I am now down 50# which is = to 16.46% of my body weight so far! I know that I have more to go but I am ready to take on the next goal! ANyway this other person and I were talking one night prior to their surgery and the next day at work our computers were down so I had some "free time". I started writing and came up with this poem. It was/is dedicated to that person, but in reality can be related to anybody really! 


We're travelling different paths
But our destination is the same
It may go fast, it may go slow
We'll  both get there, our own way
People always have advice
On the best route to take
But the journey always changes
It never stays the same
What may be smooth for me
May have pot holes and gravel for you
We have to enjoy the ride
No matter how it goes
You may come across a simple bump
That feels like a mountain to me
Nobody really knows
Individually what we each need
There is a plan in store
A way to reach our goals
We can support each other
Whatever it may take
I won't know all your struggles
You may not understand mine
There's still a way to connect
As we listen to our hearts
We will find the words to say
The strength to get us through
Good luck on your journey
I'm on a journey of my own
I'll help you, if you'll help me
It's what sister's do! 

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