Sunday, October 14, 2012

Looking up and forward

AHHHHH!!! Believe it or not things are getting better! It's not going to be an easy road but I am finally on a road to somewhere happier and "healthier" I am MOVING OUT! My friend Krissy and I found a condo to rent yesterday and the Owner liked us so much that he encouraged us to get our applications in quickly so he could run the checks and get back to us yesterday. We did all that and have already given him a hold deposit! We have a move-in date of Nov 1st, but since it's already empty (there were a few things left in the garage but the guy was back yesterday afternoon so they may be gone now) he said once he gets it cleaned up we can get the keys early! Not only did we find a 2 bedroom with 2 full bathrooms, we also get a 2-car garage that has lots of shelving for storage! (now we won't have to get a place or build one at my parents house) We both can bring our dogs and I can also bring my bunny! There is a washer and dryer that is only used by us and one other unit. Water and trash is included (and we have our own water heater) so we only need to get water and gas. We also get direct TV (basic package) and free wifi! The best part is it's right at what we were hoping to spend. (less would've been nice, but it's where we set our initial limit for looking) and since most of the other places we looked at for the same price had less square footage and no garage, plus no inlcluded utilities we are saving money and getting more space!

It's an upstairs unit so that will be a little tricky with my knee but I think if I take it slow I should be good. Plus for the most part I am not in/out too much so if I run my errands after work I will only have to go up/down once a day for the most part (unless carrying groceries or something) So it will be nice. I get a bigger room than I am in now, and a bigger closet. Plus some of my shelving units can hopefully go into the living room so my bedroom will be less crowded!

Krissy has a lot of the household items we'll need for the kitchen and stuff so that helps too! We will obviously have to do an initial food run and stuff and get toilet paper, soap and stuff but once we do we will be good for awhile. (only 2 of us) I can't wait! Anyway sorry for such a short post but I need to get to bed!  I will post pictures later. I have some but I am thinking I would rather share once we get moved in and it's not just an open place!

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