Monday, January 24, 2011


 I just wanna cry! Right now is one of those times! I can't really explain it. Things for the most part are going fairly well. I absolutely LOVE my job and I have so much fun there. We have the most unique experiences and I find joy even in the midst of the frustrating when I am there. On Fri afternoon we got an unexpected helicopter. They are supposed to let us know before approaching, and/or the unit they are going to usually warn us that one is coming... well neither happened on Fri afternoon, so there was a helicopter landing and we had guys working on the roof, ... luckily because they heard it coming (you can't miss that sound) they were able to do the things they do before a usual landing, but the helicopter approached from the south instead of the southeast (or whichever direction they should approach from) so they blew the gravel from the parking lot all over the place (and into cars etc). We get a call from paging and they said to call the NICU, we call the NICU and the nurse who answers said "we're expecting a helicopter but I am not sure when, did anyone notify you?" "Um no they did not and the helicopter has already landed!". So the dust kinda settled and the helicopter leaves again, apparantly they needed to re-fuel, so while the team was getting the baby and report etc, they left and came back. When they came back we sorta got notified, paging annouced that the helicopter was 2 minutes out, but again by this time they had already landed. We get them all taken care of and they leave again, within about 10 minutes we got ANOTHER unexpected helicopter! Anyway while they're dropping off their patient (or picking up, I am not sure) we got a code blue in DOU... (cardiac arrest) which our guys are supposed to go to that as well! (but they are supposed to stay with the helicopter team until they're gone again) Than after that copter leaves we get a code yellow! (trauma) but that one came by ambulance (I miss those days still) .... the poor second shift guy! This all happened after the 1st shifters were mostly gone or leaving... he must have had a rough night!
     ANyway its the adrenaline of moments like that when you really have to find the joy of the moment! Earlier that day we had a fire alarm/smoke detector incident at the Knoll Drive facility where just 2 months ago there was an actual fire! ... it ended up being a false alarm. But on the plus side we had a funny call too. I got a call reporting a "dead bird" outside one of the fire doors. So I sent an HME (hospital maintenance engineer) to check it out and possibly dispose of the bird. He calls me a few minutes later to inform me that it was not 1 dead bird infact, it was 2 birds who we actually quite alive and active! Later when he came back to the office and was explaining that the nurses didn't quite understand when he said he wasn't going to "interrupt" the birds they didn't get it! ... LOL
       Today we had an electrician fall off a ladder. He went to the ER and went home so I guess he is somewhat doing ok, but I have a feeling he won't be in tomorrow, he may be off a few days, I am not really sure. So then I hit a lot more traffic than normal coming home tonight :-( that is never fun, so then I didn't get home in time to go to FHE :-( and then of course my mom went of on me, telling me that she had a rough day. Well I am sorry but it doesn't mean you need to take it out on me, just because I made the mistake of turning off the BBQ after I cooked my own steak because I forgot my sister would be home to eat in awhile! I am sorry I didn't notice the time! In the meanwhile I have been dealing with my knee pain again and especially the past week or so! To the extent that I have spent the past 3 nights with the polar care ice unit on it! Today hasn't been a lot better either! So I understand "rough" days but like I said it doesn't mean yell at me! So yeah tonight I just wanna cry! Well I guess that is enough venting for now! Sorry to make this a "vent blog" but I needed to~

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  1. Sometimes you just have to vent. I once read that the time around January 20th and thereabouts is the most difficult / depressing / unhappy time for the most amount of people (I'm assuming in America, not the whole world). Basically we're all kind of bummed and stressed. If that makes you feel any better. :o)

    You are awesome to stick it out through all your trials. You can do it!