Saturday, January 22, 2011


So I was having issues with my face being kinda dry a few months back (it kinda comes and goes with me). I decided I would look for a moisturizer to try and help it out a bit. One day while I was shopping at the Target in Ventura I was looking for facial moisturizers. I found a bottle that said "dual-treatment moisturizer".
 I read on... this is what the front of the bottle says:

oil free
helps treat and prevent pimples
moisturizes dry skin
acne medicine with salicylic acid

I thought "cool" I still get the occasional breakout so why not take preventative measures for teh acne while moisturizing? I bought it.

So than one night after washing my face I was putting on a little (and I mean a little! I barely use more than what seems like 2 drops worth and it goes over my entire face and within a couple minutes after rubbing it in my face feels so smooth) I happened to read the label on the back of the bottle:

Active Ingredient
Salicylic Acid...yadda yadda

For the management of acne

Warnings etc...

cleanse ...
cover entire area ...

than it says this:

Because excessive drying of the skin may occur, start with one application daily, than gradually increase to two or three times daily if needed or as directed by a doctor.

......... UM.... I think your labels are misleading.... the front advertises it primarily as a moisturizer! I know that there is some dryness with acne medicine but when the label claims it primarily to be a "dual treatment MOISTURIZER" shouldn't it be more moisturizing than warning of dryness? Seems a little backwards to me! Maybe they should work on the labeling a bit? Not only that but it was found with the face MOISTURIZERS, not cleansers/ acne section! I was excited to find a moisturizer that would also reduce any breakouts. Now I guess I could contact the company and share my thoughts, maybe they would send me some coupons or something? But I am not really going to worry about that. I mean I still get fresh as a baby's bottom smoothness after I use it! I like it, although I haven't been using it daily... I forget sometimes!  But it was a little odd/surprising  to me when I noticed the label on the back!

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  1. Ha! You should send that one to Consumer Reports! That's terrible. :o)