Thursday, April 26, 2012

Twas The Night

Twas the night before Tues and all through the house.
the dogs were all peaceful & lazying about
I went in the office and sat in a chair
To check email and Facebook, to see what was there.

I thought the dogs all settled and went into beds
While visions of cats danced in their heads
Me in my pi's, my foot went tap tap
I waited for laundry then my nightly nap

When in the front room I heard glass shatter
I sprang from the office to see what was the matter
To the couch by the window I flew like a flash
The pillows were gone, the blinds had gone crash

The cloud cover caused a minimal glow
For the moonlight hardly did show
When what to my wandering eye did appear
3 dogs, Hershey Moose and Koda came near

My mind went crazy, i grabbed the phone quick
I knew in a moment this needed a fix
More rapid than eagles my tears they came
First mom and then Bill I called them by name

Now come, now come, that's your mission
come quickly, come quickly, this window needs fixen
To the side of the house attach wood to the wall
With screws and the drill before more glass can fall

I'll rake up the glass, you do the work up high
To cover the window before it rains from the sky
Then inside the house we'll cover the window too
To prevent a repeat of the dogs going through

With each step of the way a little more proof
One dog, prancing and pawing and saying "woof-woof"
As i drew in my head, and turned around
Moose was always there, he came with a bound

No blood on his fur, from his head to his foot
But out of the glass he wouldn't stay put
Each little toy he kept bringing back
He played like a puppy, leaving his track

Not knowing the danger, he was making me weary
Kept wanting to play, it was kind of scary
I pushed him back and told him no
He didn't understand and wouldn't go

Despite the glass a toy tight in his teeth
He stood on the couch broken glass above and beneath
His puppy dog face and round little belly
Shook when he played like a bowl full of jelly

Chubby and plump on the couch and window shelf
I tried to stop him from unknowingly hurting himself
So close to the glass several times i moved his head
Once the window was secured i knew i had nothing to dread

With minimal words Bill and I went straight to the work
Secured the window, i called him so late i felt like a jerk
But he's a good friend, so as it goes
At my moment of need to the deed he rose

He sprang to my need, when i blew the whistle
then away he flew like the down of a thistle
But i heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight
Thanks for the call, and to all a good-night

Renee L Conaway

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