Saturday, July 23, 2011


   So years ago when I was still working as an EMT on the ambulance I had several regular partners. I bacame good friends with many of them. One of my former partners Tim and I were both really good at playing S-A-B. We started making our own rules etc to make it more challenging. One for instance was that if someone was in the back with a patient the drive couldn't call any because it wasn't fair to the attending. (except from the back window you could frequently see some coming from behind that the driver didn't see yet... but still it was a rule) and I can't remember the other ones. Anyway than one day we were talking and came up with an additional challenge for S-A-B. since we would frequently be calling the same ones at the same time.... 

So most people know and play S-A-B where when you call one you have to say it's color to get the credit for it... so one day we decided instead of calling the color you would have to say S-A-B and another item that is the same color as the S-A-B you were calling. For example:

S-A-B -- Sky (for a blue one)
S-A-B -- Grass (for a green one)
S-A-B -- Blood (for a red one)

You probably get the idea now.... so it definitely brought a whole new level of fun to the game. Now on the spot you couldn't just call a S-A-B because you would have to think of something else too at the same time. Or we would think of something we could say if we saw a specific color one, like I would be thinking, "if i see a yellow one I can say sunflower" but than all I would see are black ones.  Well one day I was playing this version of S-A-B and I am not sure if it was with Tim or someone else but I saw a Best Buy "Geek Squad" beetle. I said "SLUG A BUG POLICE CAR" (I had thought of it early and was excited that I could finally use it) 

Well yesterday (or very recently) my sister posted this on her facebook:

Elijah called a slug-a-bug police car yesterday. It was the Best Buy Geek Squad bug. Too funny.
 So clearly Elijah likes Tim and my version of the game much better than the original! Isn't it funny how random it is that he said that? It completely immediately brought me back to the days on the ambulance when I read it! Anyway he is such a great kid! I love my nephews so much! i can't wait to see them! They have been gone since Mon but I haven't seen them since last Fri! Tomorrow my whole family will all be meeting up in Yosemite for a couple days of camping! Going to be fun! 
Here is another funny comment Denise posted this week from Elijah:
While driving a little farther up the street to get my 4 year old nephew Elijah to sleep he throws his voice and says "Donna (her name is grandma to him) Elijah's out". I laughed so hard I cried.

My nephews are the greatest!  I try to write down the things they say on my blog so they can be remembered for years to come! I don't write nearly as many as I can or should but it's fun when I do!  It's like they always say Kids say the darndest things!

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