Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two Mirrors

Two Mirrors

I have two mirrors

I see every day

I look in two mirrors

As I go my way

I look in the bathroom

I see every flaw

I look in the bedroom

I’m a Daughter of God

In the first I wash up

As I start my day

It’s when I get clean

And wash the dirt away

Then in my room

I’ll dress in nice clothes

Make-up and perfume

A smile starts to show

The mirrors never change

They both look the same

Same shape and same size

But one has a frame

Its just my perspective

What I see from inside

A Daughter of God

Has nothing to hide

In one I see mistakes

And look in my eyes

I fill with a hurt

I want a disguise

But once I’m all clean

True beauty does show

Heavenly Fathers perspective

I feel my eyes glow

I know my true worth

Where I come from

No reason for doubt

That first mirror is dumb

The person who leaves

All ready to go

Is the real me

My fears no longer show

One mirror is a trial

I need to overcome

Each step like a mile

Far away I will run

When in the bedroom

The mirror shows me hope

Faith in my Savior

How far I can go

I look in two mirrors

As I start my day

One shows my fears

One washes them away

Renee Conaway


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  1. Awesome comparison. Love you Renee! Keep up the great writing.